Chef s Specialties

S1.  Happy Family
Lobster sauteed w. pork, chicken, beef and shrimp w. seasoning mixed vegetable
S2.  Club Seafood
King crab meat, jumbo shrimp, fresh lobster, scallops deliciously sauteed with assorted Chinese vegetable in special white sauce
S3.  Triple DelightSpicy
Jumbo shrimp, scallops and chicken in garlic sauce with cloud ear mushroom and water chestnuts.
S4.  Scallop with Garlic SauceSpicy $13.00
S5.  Double Happiness
Jumbo shrimp, sliced chicken with broccoli, mushroom and bamboo sheets sauteed in brown sauce.
S6.  Sesame Chicken or BeefSpicy
Dark chicken meat special prepared and blended with a mouth watering brown sauce, covered with sesame seeds.
S7.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy
Chunks chicken lightly fried with hot bean sauce.
S8.  Orange Chicken or BeefSpicy
Chunk chicken lightly fried with orange flavor.
S9.  Hunan ChickenSpicy $11.50
S10.  Subgum Wonton
Fried crispy wonton, chicken, shrimps, roast pork with Chinese vegetable.
S11.  Four Seasons
Shrimp, chicken, roast pork, beef and Chinese vegetable.
S12.  Scallops with Shrimp
Jumbo shrimps and sea scallops sauteed with mushroom, snow pea pods and red bell peppers in a delicate sauce.
S13.  Scallops with Beef $13.00
S14.  Hunan CombinationSpicy $13.00
S15.  General Tso's ShrimpSpicy $12.25
S16.  Mongolian BeefSpicy $12.25
S17.  Sesame ShrimpSpicy $12.25
S18.  Dragon & PhoenixSpicy $12.25